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Our Estate

Château Croix de Labrie is a 5,1672 ha estate located in the heart of the AOC Saint-Emilion Classified Grand Cru, an appellation that inevitably brings to mind Burgundy with its mosaic of plots and producers.


Our Estate

Croix de Labrie

The vineyard is worked by Axelle Courdurié from pruning to harvest, from vinification to bottling. Talented winegrower, Axelle, very attentive to detail, brings to the wines of Croix de Labrie her feminine sensibility.


The plots are located on the so-called places: Badon (next to Pavie), Le Cateau in Saint Sulpice (next to the first plot of Valandraud), and in Saint Christophe Des Bardes next to our cellar (dating from 1687). The Badon terroir is composed of limestone sand and clay with a clay-limestone subsoil and iron grim. This draining, very fine terroir brings finesse. The plot of Le Cateau is composed of gravels with clays which bring more depth and density. Finally the plots of Saint Christophe Des Bardes, on the plateau, places called Peymouton, Rocheyron, Echeres, characterized by a clay-limestone soil with asteries, bringing complexity and density. The property's main grape variety is Merlot but there are also Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Francs.

In 100% organic farming, and biodynamics, the soils are worked and grassed, plowing, pruning in double guyot. The objective is to achieve a balanced load per vine of a maximum of 6 bunches with a density of 6,500 vines / ha.

Leaf stripping, green harvesting are carried out before the harvest to gain maturity. Only fully ripe grapes are harvested, resulting in extremely low yields. Here again the precision, the detail.

The harvest is done manually, in small crates, so that not to damage the grapes. Several passages per row are made in order to collect only the perfect grapes. After 4 sorting: destemer, then passing through a vibrating table, then passing through a densimetric sorting, the grapes are again sorted manually and brought by gravity into small temperature-controlled vats. The vinification is carried out in small containers adapted to the size of our plots in order to work with small quantities of juice and to be strict on the selection.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the malolactic fermentations are carried out in vats and  barrels of French oak and medium-long toast. 

Ageing then continues for a minimum of 18 months in barrels.




Saint Emilion...
The quintessence


There are treasures that can only be discovered confidentially or almost. Jewels in their prestigious setting, the Saint-Émilion from Château Croix de Labrie are exceptional beverages, those that amaze the palate and leave an impression. Axelle & Pierre Courdurié, winegrowers and owners, have the passion and talent of those who, with infinite accuracy, express through their wines all the depth and richness of the terroirs.


Classified Grand Cru and Vineyard-Garden...
An appreciated reality


In the early 90s, the expression "Garage wine" was born, which designates with humor and precision the very great wines of Saint-Émilion produced in very small quantities.

"In a garage instead of a cellar" ... the art of excellence thanks to the care taken in the vineyard and in the cellar, without the great means. Classified Grand Cru Château Croix de Labrie is one of these, highly acclaimed by critics, perhaps the largest of the most prestigious small estates. A long-time connoisseur of wines from France and around the world, Pierre Courdurié likes to say of his estate that it is run like the small estates of Burgundy. This is because all the logic of the land predominates here. Saint Emilion ? Better than that! 5.78 ha in organic and biodynamic farming, a parcel approach by terroir and climate.


Finesse and elegance, femininity too...
Artisan Winegrower's wines!


Axelle Courdurié is the alchemist field. Since the 90s, his passion for wine has led to an understanding of increasingly pointed their secrets to Château Croix de Labrie where she can express her talent in wines of rare elegance and popular delicacy. "Talented woman," says Pierre Courdurié, but talent as an expert. The epitome of fruit and terroir, a total quest at all times.

Here is sought the perfect ripeness of the grapes in the vineyards gardens conducted in 100% organic agriculture and biodynamic and more...


Handcrafted, manual harvest, parcel and traditional vinification in vats and barrels (French oak) ... and, here, are rare and superb microcuvées with impressive and truly sumptuous results. To taste en primeur ... or in 15 years and more! The aromas ? A connoisseur's affair, but the grandeur and freshness of a Château Croix de Labrie takes on a very special meaning with a Bresse chicken, grilled meats, a Lucullus hare or a Rossini tournedos with porcini mushrooms. Château Croix de Labrie, Chapelle de Labrie ... wonderful and highly sought-after Saint-Émilion, which the estate offers you for sale directly to the property and from your best wine merchants.

Who are we ?

Our team


Axelle Courdurié
Artisan Wine Producer/ Owner


Passionate and uncompromising, Axelle brings all her know-how to the production of Croix de Labrie wines.

From the vineyard to the cellar, from pruning to vinification, she works every day with a single goal: to achieve excellence.

Pierre Courdurié
Artisan Wine Producer/ Owner


Globe Wine Trotter, Pierre has been traveling the world for more than 20 years to showcase wines.

Winemaker, he accompanies Axelle in the production, and carries the torch of Croix de Labrie high to all over the World.

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